Fifteen-year-old Derbyshire cyclist ‘destined to become a champion’

Joe Powell on his bike
Joe Powell on his bike
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If the thought of climbing Mount Everest sounds daunting, try cycling to the summit eight times.

Fifteen-year-old Joe Powell has climbed more than 43 miles in elevation on his bike this year – nearly eight times the height of the world’s highest mountain.

Joe Powell on his bike

Joe Powell on his bike

Joe, who regularly wakes up before the crack of dawn to train before school, has clocked in an impressive 3,768 miles so far this year.

The Year 11 student at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School began pursuing his hobby after receiving a bike on his 14th birthday. He started riding to lose weight and joined the local Fusion Cycling Club.

After getting ‘slayed’ the first few times he rode with the faster group in the club, Joe built up his stamina by training on his own.

Now Joe is training for the Junior Road Series, a national competition for those 18 and under.

Joe Powell on his bike

Joe Powell on his bike

Former professional cyclist Philip Allison, 61, a senior member of the cycling club, said: “I know how much hard work goes into riding a bike, and what potential is, and Joe’s got it.

“He’s only 15, and when he comes out on the weekend, he can still stay with some of the older and better members.”

Phil constructed a carbon fibre bike with 20 gears for Joe after the club decided to support younger members.

He said: “His old bike was too big for him and didn’t have as many gears and he still managed to keep up. What would he do on a proper bike?”

Phil said Joe was destined to become a champion if he continues. He added: “I found that even I can’t keep up with him now”.

Joe, who hopes to make the Great British Cycling Team one day and compete in the Olympics, said: “I love to cycle. I live on the edge of the Peak District and Fusion Cycling Club regularly ride there.

“They are good cyclists and don’t shy away from attacking hill. I quickly realised that I was able to climb them quite well and I’ve just kept on doing it!”