Fifteen quick fixes for a beautiful garden

Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 5:23 pm

Sprucing up your garden for Spring doesn’t have to cost a fortune with these quick and easy makeover hacks.

Darren Williams from said: “A garden makeover can make a big difference to your home without costing the earth.

“Many people avoid revamping their garden as they think it will cost a lot but with our top hacks you don’t need to spend much to make a big change.

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“Simple suggestions such as using pebbles from the beach to create a water feature or hanging mirrors to make it feel larger are a few simple ways to create a better space.

“Other ideas such as using solar powered lights will save you money not just on the makeover but on your bills as well.”

These are the top 15 frugal hacks for a garden makeover:

Paint old plant pots

Give plant pots a new lease of life by painting them with interesting designs and complimentary colours. It will save you buying new ones and will make your garden more attractive and personalised to you.

Fertilise your lawn

Fertilising your lawn can be a quick and easy way to give your garden a new surge of life. If shop-bought fertiliser is too expensive then try making your own using wood ash from the fireplace.

Clean your patio

Scrub away grime that has built up on your patio and you’ll notice the difference in colour straight away. Don’t forget to get in between bricks and dig up any moss whilst you’re at it.

Solar powered lights

Instead of outdoor lighting, try solar powered lights instead. They will spend the entire day storing up energy from the sun so when you want to use them at night it won’t cost you a penny.

Eliminate weeds

If weeds are ignored they can make your garden look neglected and unloved. It’s worth spending the time cutting them out from the root. You can also try homemade weed killers such as a salt and vinegar solution.

Paint your shed

A garden shed can be a real focal point in a garden so making sure it looks great will give your garden a new lease of life. Sand it down and paint the exterior to create the look of something brand new.

Spruce up garden furniture with cushions

If your garden furniture is looking bleak then spruce it up with some new cushions and blankets. Take the stuffing from old ones and simply sew new fabric around to create some brand new seat cushions.

Plant perennials

If you’re buying seeds or plants make sure to buy perennials so your investment will last far longer. Popular perennials include lavender, Echinacea and forget-me-nots.

Create an allotment plot

Why not spruce up your garden by creating a small allotment plot? Simply corner off a section, prepare the soil and begin planting. It will look great and you’ll have your own supply of tasty veg.

Edge uneven lawns

Spend some time focusing on the very edges of your lawn as they’re often missed by the lawnmower. Grab some garden scissors and trim edges to look neat and tidy.


Don’t worry, topiary is not nearly as difficult as you think. Take a look at some basic online tutorials and turn any unsightly shrubs or hedges into something a bit more artistic.

Makeshift tent

Create a makeshift dining or lounge area by using a clean white sheet and hanging it several feet higher. Adding battery powered fairy lights will make the area look like something straight out of a magazine.


Hanging mirrors up in your garden may sound strange but it’s a quick and easy way to make the space feel larger. Use any unwanted ones or grab some cheap ones from a charity shop and hang on walls or fences.

DIY water feature

Water fountains can be expensive so try a cheap and easy option instead. Collect lots of pebbles and stones from the beach, then dig a hole in the garden. Line the hole with tarpaulin and hide it using the pebbles and rocks. Fill with water to create a pond.

Bird feeders

Don’t throw away tin cans from soup and baked beans. Wash them out thoroughly before painting, then hang up in the garden. Fill with birdseed and you’ll have your very own bird feeder.