Feud can be laid to rest

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A JUDGE has asked a Doncaster woman to attend court tomorrow to tell him if a family feud has ended.

Sandra Bennett is the victim in a case of intimidation and harassment involving father and son Stuart Nicholson and Stuart Nicholson junior.

She is said to have been threatened because she was prepared to give evidence when she was assaulted by the younger Nicholson, who is aged 21, back in December 2009.

During January and February 2010, Mrs Bennett was subjected to a series of threatening incidents in the Stainforth area when Nicholson senior, aged 43, called her “a grassing b*****d”, said Ian West, prosecuting.

On another occasion Nicholson snr pulled up alongside her on Station Road and told Mrs Bennett: “You’re going to get it.”

In a separate incident in South End, Thorne, Mrs Bennett’s son was a passenger in a vehicle rammed by two vans driven by the Nicholsons.

Nicholson jnr got out and shouted at Mark Bennett: “You’d better tell her to drop the charges or I’m going to kill her.” He then sprayed him in the eyes with Vicks nasal spray.

Mr West said there were other threats issued to Mrs Bennett by the defendants in the following days before the father and son were arrested on February 10.

The Nicholsons, who live in Church Road, Stainforth, pleaded guilty to witness intimidation and harassment of Mrs Bennett.

Desmond Rosario, counsel for the son, said there was a family background to the case which must be resolved.

“For almost a year there have been no problems, which is quite remarkable given the level of antipathy in this family. Both these defendants saw sense – once battle lines are drawn it take courage to put aside differences and accept they are wrong.”

Charlotte Eastwood, for the father, said he accepted he had been stupid because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

She said: “He realises he was stupid and childish and should have dealt with this in a more grown-up way.”

The judge Recorder Duncan Smith bailed the pair to be sentenced tomorrow when he hopes Mrs Bennett will come to court and tell him there is no further trouble between the two sides.