Festival puts Sheffield on map

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FORGET Cannes, Berlin and Toronto film festivals - top film makers from around the world are today in South Yorkshire for the start of the 19th annual Sheffield Doc/Fest.

And the city has every right to boast about it. The festival, showcasing the best non-fiction short films and television, is one of the biggest events on the international documentary calendar, attracting thousands of producers, distributors, commissioners, filmmakers and emerging talent.

Around 10,000 film fans are expected to join them for a programme of over 120 films, including 11 world premieres, plus talks by many household names, showcasing the city’s cinemas, theatres and art galleries. It all adds up to a massive economic boost for the city, while establishing Sheffield’s evolving reputation as a world centre for digital and multi-media excellence.

Congratulations then to Doc/Fest Film programmer Hussain Currimboy and the organising team who make this tick. Let’s hope the sun shines on all their hard work, especially the outdoor screenings. Just like in the movies, we all like a happy ending.

A bill too far for car crime victim

WE have some sympathy for car crime victim Stephen Bingley, who has experienced what many will see as an injustice.

It was bad enough to learn that his vehicle had been taken, he then had to pay £150 to have it released from a compound.

Sadly, many motorists have experienced a similar fate and it’s not always their fault. We understand that the police have to get the vehicle to a secure place, but for the aggrieved owner to be then hit with a £150 bill seems unfair.

So it’s time to review these fees and peg them at a level which doesn’t punish the motorist still further.

Glamour camping

GLAMOUR and camping are new best friends, which has helped a Sheffield firm spot a gap in the market.

And there’s just something about SkyLodge Innovations’ new camping pods that brings out the glamper in people.

The city firm’s wooden framed, arch-shaped “sleeping sheds” are proving a hit with people who love the outdoors but want more than a tent, as explained on page one of Business Weekly today.

The Star is pleased to report on any company manufacturing in Sheffield, but if this rotten weather continues the company might want to consider diversifying into canoes.