Festival of the Mind on The Moor

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Storytelling, potion making, Scalextric racing and robot sumo-wrestling are all on the agenda this Saturday when the city’s annual ‘Festival of the Mind’ comes to Sheffield’s Moor Market.

Specialists from the University of Sheffield’s Medical School will be on hand to demonstrate the importance of a healthy skeleton, using real animal bones to show how everything fits together, and how it stays that way. Students from the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience will be putting Sheffield residents’ brains through their paces with tons of activities to test your reflexes and your senses. There will be the opportunity to view real animal brains under a microscope, learn awesome facts about how your own brain works and explore the wonders of reproduction with plenty of displays, quizzes and activities for the whole family, which will aim to answer questions and dispel myths.

The festival will open at 11am with displays and activities running until 4pm.