Ferry‘s ageless charm hard to resist

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A 66-year-old father of four weds a beautiful slip of a 29-year-old...

If the groom had been a retired miner from Kimberworth, all the women on his street would be saying he was a dirty old man and bitching about the silly girl who was obviously only with him for his pit pension.

Meanwhile, his former workmates would be slapping him on the back down the pub, calling him a lucky old sod and wondering how he did it.

But when it’s Bryan Ferry, it’s a different story. Women younger than his bride Amanda are jealously wishing they could have been in her ivory leather wedding shoes, not to mention the king of cool’s bed. And men can resignedly see how he landed Amanda Sheppard, a beauty young enough to be his grand-daughter; at the very least, the girlfriend of one of his sons (ah, actually, she was, according to an Australian newspaper).

It’s her that’s married up, not him.

A 37-year age gap? So what? That man will surely be effortlessly stylish and agelessly elegant all his life.

I cannot imagine, if Ferry ever needs to scuttle to the loo of a night with a dodgy prostate, he would do so in a pair of fleece-lined, suede moccasin dad slippers.

I am utterly sure that if his hips eventually start to go and he finds it a struggle to get his debonair derriere up off his antique chaise longue in one go, he will do that see-saw, rocking thing with such style, he’ll look like he’s grooving to some old blues number.

Amanda, you did well, girl.