Ferrigon: Our healthy girl is a real bright spark

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THE boyfriend of a woman who was nearly raped when heavily pregnant has spoken about his family’s ordeal over the past seven years.

The 29-year-old, whose identity is protected to keep the victim anonymous, said: “I was always going on at her not to walk across that land but she said she always felt safe there. She was coming around to see me and had just called to say she was on her way. Half an hour went by, then an hour, then I got a call to say I should get down to the hospital quick.

“When I went into the ward they said it was a mugging, but I asked where her tracksuit bottoms were.

“She just burst into tears and told me what had happened.”

The couple, who have been together since the age of 15, were immediately worried for the baby.

But, thankfully, two months later a healthy little girl was born.

“She’s seven years old now and is brilliant. She is a real bright spark. We tried to put what happened behind us after about a year, and just tried to forget about it.

“We thought he would never be caught.

“But then last year the police called to say they had a DNA match to a blood stain on her jacket.

“It brought it all flooding back and since then we’ve had court appearance after court appearance.

“They had him bang to rights.

“There was DNA evidence he should have just held his hands up.

“Instead of just pleading guilty he’s dragged her through a trial, dragged us all through a trial.”