Female police officer '˜sexually assaulted by man high on drugs' in Sheffield

A female police officer was sexually assaulted by a man who told her '˜I will rape you' while high on a cocktail of MDMA and alcohol in a city centre, a court heard.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 18:32 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 18:37 pm
Sheffield Crown Court.

The officer had arrived at a street near to the defendant's home and her and a colleague were confronted by Luca Jelic, 29, who was '˜naked from the waist down' holding a for sale sign like a '˜javelin' he was about to throw.

Jurors at Sheffield Crown Court heard today (Monday, September 24) how Jelic told the officers '˜I want you' and 'I will rape you' and 'I like sex'.

One of the officers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, struck Jelic with her baton to disarm him during the incident on Scotland Street in the city on April 27.

Louise Reevell, opening the trial, told the court how Jelic then hit the officer in the face with the for sale sign.

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After the officer struck him again with her baton Jelic was laughing and saying 'oh pretty ladies, I'm going to rape you' as he grabbed her.

Mrs Reevell said: "A violent struggle ensued - she used her baton again and the defendant said 'I like that'.

"He grabbed (the officer) in the crotch area - she punched the defendant but it had no effect.

"He then bit (the officer's) shin."

The prosecutor told how the officer's colleague then struck Jelic '˜ten times' with her baton '˜as hard as she could but it did not deter him'.

Jelic then '˜thrust his exposed penis' towards the officer he had assaulted.

However the officers were able to restrain Jelic after one of them used CS gas on him until back-up officers arrived to arrest him.

Mrs Reevell told how as he was told he was under arrest Jelic's sexual comments continued and he said '˜ooh handcuffs'.

She said: "Four police officers restrained the defendant using leg restraints against him but said he did not seem to feel any pain."

A blood sample taken while in police custody from Jelic showed a significant amount of MDMA - while during a search of his home officers found a quantity of MDMA.

The court was told how Jelic was also accused of damaging a VW Golf, a work van and the window of a property around the time of the assault against the officer.

Jelic, of Sheffield, denies one sexual assault, one assault occasioning actual bodily harm, possession of a class A drug and three criminal damage charges.

The trial continues.