Fed up worker calls for more staff parking places at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

An aerial view of the sprawling Chesterfield Royal Hospital site.
An aerial view of the sprawling Chesterfield Royal Hospital site.
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Chesterfield Royal bosses have hit back after a disgruntled employee criticised a lack of staff parking places at the hospital.

The worker said staff often have to park on the road and at the end of bays on the Calow site – leading to “unsavoury” warning stickers being slapped on their car windows.

The hospital insists there are enough parking spaces for its employees – and urged those struggling to find a free space to drive around and look for one.

The worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “There are not enough spaces for all staff – this is why we have to park on the road and at the end of bays.

“What does the hospital suggest we do when the car parks are full? Turn around and go home and disrupt the service for the day? Absolutely not or the hospital would be running understaffed and would be stretched to its limits.

“Staff keep getting unsavoury yellow stickers on their vehicles because they’re not parked in a bay.

“After a hard day’s work it is infuriating when you return to your car to have a yellow sticker splashed across the window.

“They are a real pain to get off and leave marks on the window – I feel it’s an invasion on people’s personal property.

“We know we are not meant to park on the road or at the end of bays – but there is nowhere else.

“The hospital should try and actually help staff get parked rather than cause irritation among workers who want to do their job and provide a service for patients.”

A hospital spokesman said: “We’re really fortunate to have about 2,300 spaces on site at the Royal, the majority in secure car parks.

“Nearly 1,400 of these are for our staff and we’re still able to offer everyone the opportunity to bring their car to work, rather than allocating passes based on criteria like where people live.

“Our car parks are linked to an IT system which counts cars as they go in and out.

“It means the entrance barrier won’t rise if there aren’t any spaces to park in.

“Anyone who has gone into a car park and opted to park outside of a space may be issued with a sticker to remind them that they need to park safely and look for the spaces which are free.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve how we manage the site.

“If staff have concerns that the car parking system isn’t working, or have different ideas to help everyone who parks on site, we’d really like to hear from them.”