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Sharron Lowe
Sharron Lowe
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“I change my job title every day,” Sharron Lowe reveals with a casual shrug and a glint in her eye.

I’m like ‘and today Matthew, I will be...’” she trails off as she laughs, revealing a set of perfectly straight pearly white teeth.

Author and life coach Sharron Lowe pictured with her book The Mind Makeover outside Debenhams in Meadowhall.

Author and life coach Sharron Lowe pictured with her book The Mind Makeover outside Debenhams in Meadowhall.

Everything about the lady sitting in front of me is polished and purposeful – not that I’m surprised.

The former High Storrs pupil, who once wore braces and glasses, has spent the last three decades of her life working as a guru in the world of beauty - the go-to success coach for global luxury brands Chanel, Calvin Klein and Clinique, Parfums Christian Dior, Estée Lauder and Lancôme.

Quite a resumé.

“I think as people we can always change who we are and that’s a big part of what I do,” she reveals, getting down to business.

Author and life coach Sharron Lowe pictured with her book The Mind Makeover.

Author and life coach Sharron Lowe pictured with her book The Mind Makeover.

“I’m essentially a success coach, and when you coach, you’re releasing the potential in that person. I believe that’s my talent, igniting in other people that desire to go to the next level.”

And making it to the next level is something Sharron understands better than most. The 57-year-old was raised in Crosspool, the ambitious daughter of manufacturing silversmith parents who encouraged her passion and taught her everything they knew about the world of business.

“It was an amazing family unit to grow up in, seeing my parents’ determination and efforts in pursuit of their goals firsthand,” she confirms.

“Round-the-table dinner conversation was always business, passion and enthusiasm. I learned from my parents to dismiss luck, because if we buy into luck, we’re not taking control of our own lives.”

Debenhams in The Moor, Sheffield

Debenhams in The Moor, Sheffield

After studying for a beauty diploma at Granville College, 18-year-old Sharron landed a job working on the cosmetics counter in Debenhams on The Moor, where she quickly broke all their sales records and was promoted to area manager for Faberge. After being head-hunted to a senior role at Nina Ricci, she become UK sales and marketing director of an international cosmetics company.

Today she runs her own consultancy business from her home, a business which she set up in 1992, partnering and advising global cosmetic brands.

In addition, she offers free life coaching to homeless women at the London charity Centrepoint, regularly presents to thousands as a motivational speaker and - most recently - published her first book, The Mind Makeover.

“I’ve always been very determined,” Sharon confirms.

“And that determination has always carried me from where I am, to where I want to be. That’s essentially what inspired me to write The Mind Makeover.

“It’s about the power of how we think - that’s how I move brands and unlock potential in people and companies. After years of working with people in the retail world, I wanted to take my message out further and enable it to be accessed by a bigger audience.”

Sharron wrote the book late in 2013 and it was released nearly two years ago. It has since sold thousands of copies worldwide and received media coverage in magazines such as Hello, You and Tatler.

“I was going to Singapore and my publisher told me to go and see this amazing bookstore while I was out there, which is apparently the biggest bookstore in Asia,” says Sharron.

“I went and found my book on the shelves, which was just the most thrilling moment. My knees actually buckled and I said to my husband ‘I’m a Sheffield girl – how is this book in Singapore?’

“I felt such joy that this message has gone global - as the book has.”

And for those who fear The Mind Makeover is filled with new-age ideals, Sharron is quick to dismiss this.

“We take the time to makeover so many parts of our lives - our kitchens, our wardrobes, our careers, our appearance - and yet our minds are easily the most important,” she says.

“What we think and focus on constantly becomes how we feel, what we feel triggers motivation, motivation triggers what we do or don’t do, what we do or don’t do gives us our outcome, and our outcome is our life.

“This is not an ‘out there’ concept; the power of our thoughts gives us everything in our lives, so it’s an area that deserves our attention.”

And Sharron was thrilled to be asked to give the key note s peech at a leading retail conference in Sheffield later this year, revealing she takes every chance she can to get back to her home city.

“No matter where I go and what I do, my reaction is always the same when it comes to the city; ‘this is Sheffield, clear the diary, I need to be there’.”