Fears protest will ruin Sheffield trade

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Traders in Barker’s Pool fear the threat of trouble from the EDL demo and anti-fascism protest will ruin trade on what is traditionally their busiest day of the week.

At Carousel News in Division Street, Percy Winstone said he planned to close at around 10am – well before the demonstrators are expected to arrive.

He said: “Last week was awful no one was around and I lost half a day’s takings.

“I have reduced my newspaper order for this Saturday as I just won’t sell that many.

“It’s not worth me opening I suppose, but I wouldn’t want to let my customers down so I’ll open, but only for the early part of the day.”

Across the road at Etienne hair salon owner Kelly Hudson said she hoped to stay open but added: “Last week was very quiet - there were more police than people on the street.”

Men’s clothing store manager Alex Mir fears trouble.

“There were scuffles last week and I know people are scared there will be more and plan to stay away.

“Saturday is our main day for trade. We don’t need this.”

At top end clothing store Seasons on Carver Street, Natalie Machent said she would like to see such demonstrations banned.

“I’m hoping to stay open but I am sure we will be affected,” she said.

“These type of demonstrations are not fair on us independent traders who suffer a massive loss of trade because of them.

“This demonstration is just silly, they proved their point last week, why come back again?”

Anthony Allen, joint proprietor of pop up clothes store Skull and Bones Boys Club, said: “Our shop will only be here for a month or so and losing a Saturday is really eating in to our trade.

“I don’t think all this should be allowed especially when you consider this is a family shopping area.”

Shaz Brearley, licensee of the Sportsman Pub on Cambridge Street, said was forced by police to close during last Saturday’s march and fears the same may happen again.

“We were to closed until 4pm last week and are currently liaising with the police and hope to stay open but we just don’t know as yet,” she said.

Big stores are planning to stay open.

A John Lewis spokeswoman said: “John Lewis Sheffield will be open and trading as normal on Saturday 8th June.”

But some shopkeepers are considering closing and the June Devonshire Market, at Devonshire Green, has already been postponed.

Sam Wherrett, of market organisers, Big Live Event Limited, said: “The decision to postpone the market has not been taken lightly.

“In consultation with our traders and insurance provider we have weighted the decision to preserve public the livelihoods of our traders and the future reputation of the market against the potential for increased foot fall.