Fears for green belt

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BOSSES at a countryside pressure group are calling for the protection of ‘vulnerable’ land all the way round Doncaster.

Officials at the South Yorkshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England are concerned land to the east of the borough is still not designated as green belt.

Doncaster Council last week launched the final stage of consultation on its core strategy. The key planning document will help officials decide where development will be allowed in the borough for the next 15 years.

CPRE planning officer John King said: “Land to the east of Doncaster still isn’t designated as green belt, and it’s vulnerable to development.

“Doncaster already has a green belt to the west, but we want to see it extended all the way round. We’re urging Doncaster to fasten its green belt now.”

CPRE South Yorkshire is worried about the amount of development proposed in the east of Doncaster, including storage and distribution developments along the M18 and M180 and urban extensions to build borough-wide housing targets of 1,230 houses a year.

The strategy has gone through a number of consultations and was endorsed by full council in February.

The Core Strategy is now published for a period of six weeks until 5pm on Tuesday May 3, for final comments to be made.

Comments should be about how the plan has been prepared, whether the policies are justified, if they meet national guidance and whether they will make a difference to Doncaster.

All representations received will be considered by the council to see if any changes are needed to the plan and then all comments will be submitted to the Secretary of State.

A planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will look at the comments and decide what needs to be discussed.