Fears after huge SNAKE spotted on loose in Doncaster

This is the moment a huge snake was spotted on the loose in Doncaster - and it could still be out there.

Monday, 2nd October 2017, 1:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 3:48 pm
The snake makes its escape in Balby. (Photo: Shermaine Hassett).

The reptile was spotted slithering over a fence in Balby yesterday - and is understood to still be on the loose in the area.

But rather than an escaped pet, the snake is thought to be a wild and harmless grass snake - although its sighting has sparked fears among those with a fear of the slippery reptiles.

Shermaine Hassett posted the pictures in the Lost and Found Pets in Doncaster group on Facebook and wrote: "Loose snake went in back of number 16 Longfellow Road Balby - looks in good shape."

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The snake is believed to be a harmless grass snake. (Photo: Shermaine Hassett).

She added: "I don't know if it's a pet or wild but I've never ever seen a wild snake so I assumed it was a pet."

But not all users of the page were impressed with the sighting.

Valerie Hodgson wrote: "Not dealt with snakes before - think I would run a mile."

Chelsea Marie added: "Do these actually slither around outdoors? I've never seen one before - I think I would pass out or have a panic attack."

The snake is believed to be a harmless grass snake. (Photo: Shermaine Hassett).

And Samantha Willetts wrote: "I'd have a heart attack if I was out and seen this."

Kirsty Leigh Brewer posted: "I live round corner from Longfellow - not going outside again tonight!" while Emma Butler-Walker wrote: "I'm in Balby too and OMG not leaving house! Lol that's so creepy."

But other users moved to calm fears.

Chess Dave Pearce posted: "That's a wild snake. It's a grass snake.

Vanessa Shipley added: "That's a grass snake, they are native so it belongs in the wild. Probably looking for somewhere warm, they like compost heaps in particular.

Tom Cutts urged anyone encountering the snake to take care.

He wrote: "Just be a little cautious although not poisonous, it will still hurt if your bitten if it feels cornered."