Fearless Paul pops the question

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SOME things take pure guts.

But plucky Paul Lambert is the sort of man who would never duck a challenge - no matter how scary.

So that’s exactly what he did when he took to the stage at After Dark, South Yorkshire’s biggest bonfire event.

For Paul, a serving soldier just back from Afghanistan, clambered on to the stage to ask a very important question.

And in front of thousands of excited onlookers he got down on one knee.

Moments later he asked: “Joanne, will you marry me?”

Then, after a short delay which seemed like forever, the woman in his life Joanne Schofield changed from being his girlfriend to his fiancee.

But Paul is used to holding his nerve.

In his day job Paul - or Lance Corporal Lambert - is a member of 13 Air Assault, quite prepared to demonstrate extreme amounts of courage both at work and off duty.

So plucking up the courage to pop the question in front of thousands of total strangers was par for the course.

He said: “There were thousands of people there but I didn’t mind.

“I always wanted there to be fireworks when I proposed and there certainly were!

“You could say when I decided to give up the life of a single man I did it with a bang.”

He confessed: “I have to admit I was a little concerned when there was a delay between asking the question and getting Joanne’s answer.

“But eventually Joanne, who I reckon must have been in shock, said yes.

“And then there was an almighty cheer from the crowd.

“It was brilliant.”

Joanne, who works for Keepmoat Homes, and Paul, who are both from Doncaster and both aged 28, are now busy planning their big day.

He said: “We’ve made a date for 2013 and we’re going to tie the knot in Scotland - Gretna Green to be precise.

“I guess I’m a bit of a romantic.”