Favouritism has made people very very bitter

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In the Star of May 11 it absolutely infuriated me to read that in 2006 police were warned, not informed, that they were letting the Asian ringleaders of suspected grooming gangs act with seeming impunity.

Once again a Dr Heal had given the police a list of the main suspects alleged to have been organising child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and Sheffield and nothing was done about it for many years.

In fact it’s only in the last year or so that this was made public with the Jay enquiry.

And the reason once again the police were not acting against them was for fear of allegations of racism.

Enough is enough, the person responsible for handing out these orders needs to be seriously brought to book and all the social workers and police officers who turned a blind eye also need to be dealt with appropriately.

In closing can I say that the stance by the police to turn a blind eye has caused so many problems.

When you see favouritism afforded to a certain section of the community it has made people very, very bitter indeed.


Lodge Moor, S10