Favourite Things: Musical legends make big village a smash hit

Stephen Naylor is managing director at Doordeals, which specialises in offering a diverse range of quality internal and external timber doors and accessories both online and from its Sheffield-based showroom. The company recently celebrated its 10th birthday and has now become one of the leading independent online timber door retailers in the UK.

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 8:00 am
Beauchief Golf Course

Steve lives in Bradway with his partner, Karen, and two daughters Esme and Lily.

Sheffield united

I didn’t really have a choice on which team I supported, having been born into a family of Unitedites. My earliest memories were of the Colin Morris, Keith Edwards era. I was fortunate enough back in the 90s to go and watch my team in Europe when played a team in Italy called Piacenza. My dad booked us on a coach from the railway pub on Bramall Lane. It was a trip that’s gone down in folklore for those involved. Recently we have experienced some fantastic times down at the Lane under the new gaffer Chris. We have a team playing with purpose and desire. They are proud to wear the red and white stripes, which, as a supporter is all we ask.

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I was very fortunate a couple of seasons ago to be offered the opportunity to become shirt sponsor with my company, Doordeals. It was an immensely proud moment for me and my family. To this day it’s a surreal experience seeing someone walk down the street with the name of my company emblazoned across the shirt. I have now indoctrinated my partner, and daughters who are all season ticket holders

Uncle Sam’s Restaurant

Uncle Sam’s is the first restaurant that I went to in Sheffield when I was younger. I was in awe as a child of the train set on the ceiling, which is still running to this day! The burgers and milkshakes are the best in the business. It’s also the first restaurant that I took my daughters to and it’s a great place to sit in the window and watch the world go by. During the 80s when the pubs closed at 10.30pm on a Sunday it was the only place on Ecclesall Road you could go and get a pint. It was quite a party place back then.

The People

In my opinion the people are what make Sheffield so great. No matter where you go or what you are doing, Sheffielders always seem to find the time to strike up a conversation and just be friendly, whether it be in a queue at the chippy, on the bus or in the street. Sheffield is just a big village – whenever you talk to someone there’s always a person or a place that you have in common, which gives you a great sense of comfort. I really feel like you don’t get that in any other city.

Beauchief Golf Course

For the majority of my life I’ve lived within two to three miles of Beauchief Golf Course. As a youngster I remember sneaking on with my pals after school and playing a few holes of golf. When I started working (and before kids came along) we would often take advantage of the twilight offer and play after work. For a municipal course it’s generally kept in terrific condition and still to this day the par three 11th hole over the water fills me with dread. We also enjoy the woods with its great views over Sheffield that surround the courses, as does Bruce, our Cockerpoo.

Sheffield music

I was brought up by parents that have always played a lot of music around the house. Quite often it was local bands and musicians. Often, there was a Joe Cocker album playing. I remember my dad coming home from the Cremorne pub on a Sunday afternoon apologising to my mum for being late and blaming Joe Cocker. Apparently, Joe was a little worse for wear, so he had to drop him off at his mum’s up in Walkley in a taxi! When I was a little bit older I was introduced to the legend that is Frank White. I can remember my mum taking me to The Pheasant at Sheffield Lane Top to see him play. I was in awe. More recently it’s been bands like The Arctic Monkeys and Milburn which I’ve been fortunate to see. What with Tramlines becoming more and more established Sheffield really is a great music city.