Favourite things in the city for a pantomime dame

Damian Williams has appeared at the Sheffield Lyceum pantomime since 2007, taking on different Dames each year and appearing in some of the most iconic pantos on the scene.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 9th December 2017, 8:23 am
Damian Williams is returning to perform in the Mother Goose pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre for a tenth year.
Damian Williams is returning to perform in the Mother Goose pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre for a tenth year.

This year, he returns to the city – where he has been given honorary citizen status – for Mother Goose, where he’ll be playing the title role from December 8 to January 7. Joining Damian in the Steel City for Christmas will be Cbeebies’ favourite Andy Day and Benidorm star Jake Canuso. Since moving the summer from Tilbury in Essex, Damian now lives in Southend-on-Sea with his wife Barbie, 19 year old twins Josh & Esme, best friend Gaz and chocolate Labrador Jack. Most recently, Damian was named Best Pantomime Dame in the UK for the Great British Pantomime Awards.

Smoke BBQ

The John Lewis store in Sheffield

Smoke BBQ is an utterly amazing place to appear in Sheffield over the last few years. I love taking people there after shows and introducing them to the extensive menu and, of course, the best ribs on the planet. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and both food and drink are always spot-on. It’s a short walk from the Lyceum, perfect for late nights.

Division St Bars & Eateries

I always love to see what’s changed up on Division Street year to year, there’s always a new place popping up for me to try. The range of bars and places to eat is always so great and really buzzing with energy – it’s definitely one of my favourite places to hang out. It’s somewhere we frequently go as a cast, and you get such a great cross-section of characters there. It’s a real hub for Sheffield.

John Lewis

The John Lewis store in Sheffield

Being in the pantomime throughout December sometimes means my Christmas shopping can get left behind – but having John Lewis so close to the theatre means I can always pop in and get the majority of it done on my (rare) days off.

Savills Barbers

It’s a great place to go for a shave and haircut in Sheffield – especially during the panto run when everything is so busy. I always pop in and see owner Joth Davies and his team a few times during the run and have a catch up.

Tamper Coffee

What a great place for coffee and breakfast in the city. A stone’s throw from the theatres, you’ll find me there a lot during the panto season. I love its calm atmosphere and outstanding coffee - one of the things I love in life, you can’t beat a good coffee.

Christmas in the city

From the Christmas market, to the sleigh bar and the festive cheer in the air, Christmas in Sheffield is fantastic. The panto cast always helps to switch the lights on in the city centre, and it’s really special getting to mark the start of Christmas for so many people in Sheffield. The city itself is buzzing and packed with revelers looking for a great night out. What a better way to spend the time?

full houses at the lyceum

You simply cannot beat the feeling of a packed house for a pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre. Sheffield folk make the very best audiences and it’s without a doubt my favourite place to be. The pantomime here has become something so many families have done together for years and continue to do . It’s a great honor for me to be a part of their annual celebrations. I see a lot of the same faces in the crowds and at stage door and everyone is so friendly, they always tell me their Christmas doesn’t start without a trip to see us at the Lyceum!

Sheaf Square

I love the sight of the fountains in Sheaf Square as you arrive and leave the city of Sheffield. It’s such a unique and impressive introduction to the city that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the country – the wall of water in particular is incredibly special.

Hopping on a tram to meadowhall

There’s something really great about jumping on a tram and heading to Meadowhall in the morning – best time to go so it’s not too busy and you can stroll around at your own pace. It’s got really great shops and a fantastic choice of restaurants – a brilliant way to spend a free morning.