Father knows best

EnergyEGG: Is this the future..?
EnergyEGG: Is this the future..?
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My dad’s a patient man.

He’d have to be, living in a house full of women for the past 30 years.

Anyone who’s ever lived with a woman knows that we can be hormonal nightmares, and there were days, when my sister and I were growing up, that he’d have both of us plus my mum to deal with.

His only option on these occasions was to hunker down in a quiet corner and go to his happy place until the madness was over.

Luckily he’s the most laid-back guy I know, but he’s still a dad and if there’s one thing that dads love to gripe about, it’s energy. Right?

“Why are the TVs on in your bedroom?” he’d ask us, as we sprawled out on the settee downstairs.

“Who’s put the heating on?” he’d demand to know in the middle of July, before turning it off and telling us to go put a jumper on.

“Why are you washing a single pair of socks in the washing machine?” he’d plead, close to tears.

Well, news of a brand new invention has reached my ear that could soon have dads all over the world breathing a little easier.

The EnergyEGG was created by dad-of-three Brian O’Reilly who was at his wit’s end with his children leaving TVs and computers on, forcing him to shell out his hard earned money on electricity bills.

Luckily that’s exactly the kind of adversity that inspires genius!

The EnergyEGG uses clever technology, similar to that in your household alarm system, to sense when a room is empty and turns off unused electrical devices.

It even features a fancy master off switch so that you can lie in bed on a night and send out a signal to turn off everything in one go.

I know what I’m getting my dear Pop for Christmas this year...