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Growing up in post-war Attercliffe, men pushing the family pram loaded with scrap were a frequent sight to people of my generation.

Some of the more caring among them even remembered to take the baby out of the pram first.

Fast forward to January 2012 and the modern version of this: three scruffy, undernourished youths trying to scoot their scooters up the hill at Greaves Road, their footplates havily laden with ‘rescued’ lead flashing rolled up and flattened.

These poor lads looked tired and weary from their efforts and so I thought I might arrange a lift for them with the local 999 taxi service.

Unfortunately the taxi didn’t arrive.

But never fear, they all made it up into the Parson Cross estate where, no doubt, they would have all recovered quickly with fags and a few cans.

I trust that all the local people with their now leaking roofs will be happy to know how this story ended.

Taxi John, Ecclesfield

Seize moment

Last year I warned that Argentina, having noted we had our hands full in Iraq and Afghanistan, with a depleted Army, almost non-existent Navy, having got rid of carriers and jump-jets and with America indicating we could expect no support if trouble flares up in the South Atlantic, would see it as a perfect opportunity to seize the Falklands. Now they’ve put a ban on Falkland shipping and with trouble in the Gulf of Hormuz, Argentina could see this as the moment they have been waiting for.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

Flights home

I ALSO noticed, as SP of Handsworth (Jan 23), the lack of religious Christmas cards: no crib, no stable, no star, no wise men... Yet shops were full of cards showing pups, teddy bears, penguins. What’s the Christmas connection with these? I fear the don’t-offend brigade have decided that Christ and the meaning of Christmas didn’t happen. It’s the English (not British) who decide what’s right or wrong and if others are offended, there are airports not too far from Sheffield where they can book a flight home.

Vin Malone, S14