Farm's newborn piglets on VIDEO

SHEFFIELD'S Heeley City Farm is celebrating the arrival of seven tiny piglets. And we've got the cute little things on video.

Tuesday, 9th October 2007, 12:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2007, 11:00 am

Back in the spring Nellie - a four-year-old sow with a high sex drive - had a one night stand with long-time friend Ben.

Within weeks it was clear she was pregnant and staff and volunteers began looking forward to having a litter of cute piglets to show off to the hundreds of people who visit the farm each week.

But only three months later Nellie - and all concerned with the farm - were left devastated after an intruder broke in and slaughtered the entire litter. The remains of the piglets were found by teenage volunteers who arrived at the farm to help out during their school holiday.

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But while staff and volunteers mourned, another sow, four-year-old Violet, was quietly confident she had a surprise in store after secretly spending a night with old Ben.

And she was right. Three months on Violet is now the proud mum of seven tiny piglets currently bringing joy to the farm which had suffered a summer of misery.

Katie Davis, a youth worker at the farm, said: "It was a really nice surprise when we found out that Violet was pregnant - we were all really pleased but a little nervous at the same time because of what happened before.

"Violet is doing fine and Ben probably doesn't even know he is a dad. Pigs are a bit like that, they don't tend to take much notice of these things.

"We have now moved Violet and the piglets indoors to a secure area with strong locks and security cameras.

"We will keep the piglets here for six months and then sell them to other farms."

While Violet, a Large Black breed of pig, is facing a busy few months rearing her babies, dad Ben is off back to his job as a full-time Lothario.

It's his job to travel the local farms to meet sows and hopefully bring more piglets into the world.

Meanwhile, it appears Nellie has forgiven Ben for his affairs. She recently tried to break down a fence to get to him...but was stopped just in time.

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