Farmer applies for footpath closure in village near Sheffield

The Stocksbridge bypass
The Stocksbridge bypass
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An application has been made to Sheffield City Council to close part of a public footpath in a village on the outskirts of the city.

The owner of Ellen Ridge Farm, in Deepcar, has made the application, saying it is no longer required for public use.

The footpath runs up a steep incline and comes to an end at the Stocksbridge bypass and has not been used for some years, due to work carried out, thought to have been undertaken by a previous owner.

As an alternative, the current owner had allowed a ‘permissive route’ over his land, but had to stop due to issues with livestock, a planning report states.

No objections have been made to the proposed closure, including from the Ramblers’ Association, who have been approached.

The application is recommended for approval, when it is discussed by Sheffield City Council’s next planning and highways committee, set to take place on Tuesday, May 22.