Farm turbine plan is set for approval

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A WIND turbine which would stand 9.2m tall is set to be granted planning permission at Whirlow Hall Farm.

The proposals are being considered for approval at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s city centre, south and east planning board today.

Four letters of objection have been made to the proposal for the farm site on Broad Elms Lane.

Nearby residents are unhappy about noise and disturbance from the turbine and claim the design is ‘visibly intrusive’.

They also argue that the proposals would be ‘inappropriate use at the location and would have a detrimental impact on the conservation area’.

Opponents add that the turbine will ‘impact’ on users of Coit Lane bridleway and Limb Lane, and have a bad effect on wildlife.

But in their report to members, council planning officers say the structure would have a ‘minimal presence’ apart from close up and would be difficult to see against a backdrop of trees.