Fans react to Sheffield Wednesday baby price row

Nicky Rowlinson with baby Charley who are not happy with Sheffield Wednesday's ticket policy
Nicky Rowlinson with baby Charley who are not happy with Sheffield Wednesday's ticket policy
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Football fans across the city have been divided after a Sheffield Wednesday family complained about the price of taking their baby to matches.

Huge Owls fans and season ticket holders Nicky and Scott Rowlinson hit out at their beloved club after being told the £17 price for taking their seven-month-old daughter Charley to the first match of the season.

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The club’s new pricing structure means tickets for juniors – defined as zero to 10-year-olds – will cost anything from £5 to £21 per match.

Both Wednesday and United fans alike shared mixed views on the controversy.

Some questioned taking a baby to the match, while others criticised the club’s pricing.

Craig Bolton said: “To watch Bayern Munich costs £10, Borussia Dortmund £12, Schalke £14. Beautiful stadiums and quality football. This is why German stadiums are packed and why Hillsborough and most English grounds are half empty. It’s a rip off and third rate.”

Mansfield Blade added: “Surely what you are buying is a ‘seat’ for the match, since a baby isn’t using an extra seat but sharing their parent’s they should be allowed in for free.”

The Star website reader Truthnotspin said: “Who on earth would want to take a child under three never mind seven months to a match?

“They couldn’t understand or pay attention and the noise would scare the life out of them at a game.

“All my children were season ticket holders but I didn’t take them until they were five years old or thereabouts.”

But Sarah Gill defended the family’s decision to take little Charley. She said: “Why shouldn’t they take their kids to a game? I went to my first game at six weeks old with my dad.

“The price now is not on but that’s what the story is about – not an argument as why not to take a toddler. Kids under three should be free.”

Matt Nadin added: “It’s her choice to take a baby. No charge should apply until at least five years old.”

A Sheffield Wednesday spokesman said the club was ‘flexible’ and encouraged the family to contact the club to make arrangements.

A special offer has been put on by the Owls for Wednesday’s next home game against Reading tomorrow, at £5 for juniors.


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