Fans rally round Sheffield United cancer boy after online abuse

Sheffield United fan Max Davies.
Sheffield United fan Max Davies.
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Fans have rallied around a young Sheffield United fan who survived cancer after he received vile online abuse.

Blades devotee Max Davies, ten, was branded a "stupid c**t" by a Facebook troll after heartwarming footage of him belting out the club's Greasy Chip Butty Song went viral.

Max has been in remission for four years after overcoming non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

And fans have rushed to support him after the vile blast from Southend United kit manager Gary Watson.

Sally Harrison wrote on Facebook: "Max, just ignore them buddy, you've already shown how grown up you are by fighting the big fight. Keep singing your heart out kid I think it's great, although the song is stuck in my head once again!

Rachel Louise Oliver Martin posted: "Max has shown these so called men up . Keep singing Max."

Gregory Phua wrote: "No one should be verbally abused in any form with expletives. What happened is beyond belief and more so when abusive language is directed at a child. Absolutely disgraceful! An apology directly to Max is required!

Lorraine Winterbottom added: "I am totally disgusted at this - a grown man calling a child that. Max has more strength and back bone than this repulsive person you keep singing your little heart out Max and continue to stay well.

Donna Louise Barrett wrote: "This is absolutely shocking - no place for that sort of comment, as if the poor lad hasn't been through enough already without the negativity from tools like that. You keep singing Max and hope all is well with you kidda."

Max was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in February 2013, after stomach aches turned out to be a tumour on his bowel. After having the tumour removed at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, little Max underwent three months of aggressive chemotherapy to treat the cancer, which made him sick, lose his hair and get ulcers.

His dad, Craig, wrote on Facebook: "To see our son belting out this song fills me with pride, as a family we have been through so much since Max was diagnosed with cancer in February 2013, life is just about making memories now for Max and his big sister Lily."