Fans flock to online forums as Mandaric verdict comes in - TELL US WHAT YOU THINK

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SHEFFIELD Wednesday’s online forums have been flooded with messages of support for Milan Mandaric, following his acquittal this morning.

Owls fans flocked to their keyboards to congratulate the 73-year-old chairman after the verdict came through that found him ‘not guilty’ of a £600,000 tax dodge.

Many offered heartfelt messages of support, while others analysed the impact the trial has had on Mandaric and pondered what his next step might be.

Here’s what the fans have been saying:

Bbutterfield - “Hooray, now lets move on!”

SteelOwl - “worrying but understandable statement about whether he has the energy to carry on”

Grimbarian - “Pleasing result :) a blind man in fog could have seen this was the case”

ReserveTeamPlayer - “I wonder how much this might have affected Meggo and the club in general. MM’s eye must have been off the ball (understandably). I hope the elation of freedom gives everyone a lift.” Jonnyowl - “Never doubted it”

OwlsTalkAdmin - “Let’s hope he buys Ben Marshall to celebrate”

LateModelChild - “Get in. Glad for Milan. Put it behind you and move on, will surely be a weight off his shoulders”

KivoOwl - “Glad they found the right result. The British judicial system at its finest, well done to all involved in clearing his name, hopefully Milan will get some justice of his own”

YouthTeamPlayer - “Great news, concentrate on getting us up now Milan, well done”

Roygbiv - “Wouldn’t be surprised to see him walk away from Wednesday now. Seems to have really tired him out all this”

AlanHarper - Milan Mandaric - Sheffield Wednesday legend”

JerseyOwl - “Never any doubt that this would be the verdict. I hope Milan has had some faith restored in the ‘system’ and will continue to take us forward over the next few years. Glad this is all over, Happy for Milan, and we can now move on together without any loose strings. Over these last 18 months our club has been transformed, I couldn’t be happier and guess what? We are 2nd in the league!”

DumbOldOwl - “Well done Milan. Glad it’s all over, it must have been extremely stressful”

ShabbyHouse - “Take a holiday Milan and fill up the enthusiasm tank!”

ShezOwl - “Maybe SWFC’s luck is finally turning”

Gurujuan - “Good news, now he can rekindle his love of the English game”

KeyzerSoze - “What has seriously worried me about all this, is that Redknapp and MM have been taken away from their primary duties during the most important period of the season”

Stereophonics - “Can’t see him walking away now”

Mcmigo - “Stunning verdict by the jury - am pleased as punch for old Milan”

Trevdi9 - “Lets give the man a real Wednesday welcome at his next match, show him he is still loved and help to fill his enthusiasm tank”

WalthamOwl - “Really pleased for MM, he seems a top bloke who hopefully hasn’t fallen out of love with the game and plans to have many more years as our chairman”

JamesTheOwl - “What a waste of a court case - Milan Mandaric you are a legend”

SteelOwl - “In my opinion, the outcome was never in doubt. My concern is that Milan looks drained and the comments about his enthusiasm really concern me. I would not be surprised to see a quick sale on promotion (fingers crossed we go up) and speaks volumes for the lack of transfer activity and reluctance to use the loan market?”

JohnBloodAxe - “Good news, what a nice man, congratulations MM... upwards and onwards now!”

Kikka - “Well done Milan ... justice prevails.. many thanks for all you have done for this club is very much appreciated”

EighteenSixty7 - “Let’s get back to concentrating on football now”

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