Fans connect with Steelers

Jean meeting Steelers idols
Jean meeting Steelers idols
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Two Steelers fans got a thrilling surprise - when they were invited to meet players in the locker room after the game.

The first invitation went out to Sheffield lad Travis Wainwright at the weekend, after officials read a tweet from his mum, saying their whole family was hooked on the team after introducing her autistic son to the game.

The next invitation went to 80-year-old Jean Gillott, who was at her very first game celebrating her 80th birthday after she told her family she’d always wanted to see a Steelers game.

Sheffield Steelers David Simms said: “We have called ourselves the Steelers family for 25 years now – we have always prided ourselves on how the whole family can enjoy the Steelers together - young, middle-aged and old – we are the most inclusive, broad church of all sports.

“I think Saturday evening showed that in a lovely way. On the one hand, with 12-year-old Travis and his family - who are all converts from football and are now totally taken with the Steelers and their players - and on the other hand with 80-year-old Jean, with six knee replacements under her belt and a pacemaker, who decided she would like to watch her first game of hockey - it doesn’t get much wider than that!

“Travis didn’t want to go into the players’ room, as he has trouble with enclosed spaces, but our players Jason Hewitt and Zack Fitzgerald were happy to come out and meet him.

“We are lucky that we have players that love to spend time with their fans – our post match lounge was crammed with over 200 invited guests at the weekend all wanting photos and autographs. We love to try and give people that personal connection.”

Jean said: “It’s certainly not going to be my last game, I loved every minute of it.”