Fancy a bit of puppy love?

For the love of dogs...this Valentine's Day
For the love of dogs...this Valentine's Day
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Have you got a date this Valentine’s Day?

If you have a couple of hours to spare, there are two dogs in need of a loving ‘forever home’ who would love to meet you at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary this Sunday.

Inseparable pair Kessy and Buster came to Thornberry a year ago, following the death of their previous owner. Staff are now searching for one home for both dogs together.

Kennel and Yard Manager Hannah Briggs said: “We aren’t meant to have favourites, but because Kessy and Buster have so much love to give, they have stolen all our hearts – and they will steal yours too this Valentine’s Day! As much as we’d be sad to see them leave, we are desperate to find them a loving forever home together.”

Visit the sanctuary between 11am and 3pm on Sunday.