Family’s relief at Sheffield’s woman extradition

Peter Cambra who died in a road smash in the US
Peter Cambra who died in a road smash in the US
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THE family of an American man killed in a car crash have spoken of their relief - after a Sheffield woman was finally extradited to the USA to stand trial over his death.

Richen Turner, aged 42, from Standon Road, Wincobank, has been flown to the US after losing a lengthy legal battle against extradition.

She must now face changes relating to the death of bodybuilder Peter Cambra - seven years after he was killed a crash in Florida in 2005.

Turner is alleged to have been over the drink drive limit when she ran a red light and smashed into his vehicle.

Her lawyers argued she was mentally ill and there was a real possibility she would commit suicide if the extradition was granted.

But a judge at the High Court in London ruled it was not unjust to extradite her.

A Home Office spokeswoman confirmed Turner has now been extradited - news welcomed by Mr Cambra’s relatives in the USA.

Speaking exclusively to The Star from Rhode Island, Peter’s brother Joey, 48, said: “We were a very close family but this destroyed us. Everyone just disconnected. I’m not angry but I’m hurt I’ve lost my brother. She should never have left the country.”

And his sister Anne Marie Bernier, from Massachussets, said: “Pete’s death tore our family apart and I have been working on resolution for six-and-a-half years of extreme heartbreak.

“We felt we were getting no closer to finding peace for his soul and to move forward with life.

“Pete was a wonderful, kind, gentle, loving and softly spoken human being. He was so loved by many.”

Anne Marie said Peter, 39, had been about to open a club in Florida when the fatal smash happened.

She said: “The impact of the collision was so severe his vehicle was T-boned and he was thrown 70ft in the air.

“He left a son who was 16 at the time and is now in the US Airforce. His death crushed the hearts of his seven siblings and put our world in an unimaginable spin.

“We have a hole in our hearts that will never be healed.”

Anne Marie said the family had hired a private investigator who eventually tracked down Turner to the UK.

She was arrested in November 2010 but appealed the extradition until this month.