Family’s appeal to find long lost Sheffield brother

Tony Moore is seeking for information on his long lost half-brother
Tony Moore is seeking for information on his long lost half-brother
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A former Sheffield man is trying to trace the half-brother he never knew.

Anthony Moore shares the same father and first name as his sibling but the pair have never met and know little about each other.

The 49-year-old is appealing for anyone with information about his brother, called Anthony Paul Lakin, who was fostered when he was a toddler.

Mr Moore and his former wife Wendy, who now live in Blackpool, decided to trace Anthony Paul after Helen started looking into their family tree.

She said: “I have talked to everybody I can, but I am stuck now.

“I’ve talked to everyone on Facebook, Friends Reunited and Genes Reunited.

“If anyone knows anything about him, what school he went to – anything – then we’d like to hear from them.”

Wendy has discovered Anthony Paul Lakin was born to Jennifer Lakin, from Fox Hill, and Peter Moore in February 1965.

Jennifer went on to remarry and her son was adopted by her new husband. However, he was then fostered when he was around three years old, and his surname changed to Higgins. That is when Wendy’s trail runs cold.

“I’ve heard he moved to Australia and I’ve also been told that he is living in Ireland, so he could be anywhere,” she said.

“He doesn’t know anything about his dad and that he has five half-brothers and sisters on his dad’s side.

“I’ve put appeals everywhere trying to find out more.”

* Anyone with information should email