Family memories lost

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That image of the grandchildren sitting around their grandparents seems to be disappearing.

When studies proliferate, with a major effort to collect traditions, music and folk stories, many of the traditional stories come from this source.

The paradox is that within the family we may now be forgetting the memory of history.

With the lack of co-existence between generations, and where the children live with only one parent, it creates a breach of family oral traditions: the youngest have lost not only the story of their ancestors or relatives, but also lack knowledge of narratives or stories, relevant to the strengthening of ties between the family group that have retained more of their life experience.

Communication between different ages, in which each one informs the other of their knowledge, enriches all. The youngest will surely be experts in new techniques of communication. The grandparents will be expert in life.

Surveys confirm that most children like to be with their parents. The family is the primary community of teaching and learning: where we can learn the strengths and core values, where each person finds his own identity.

Family life is hindered by the presence of television which induces isolation. The conversation with parents for children is an important factor in education to enhance their ability to verbal expression, helping them to think and listen and therefore to understand better.

The education of children requires a significant investment of time, that sometimes is subtracted: the family forgetting their role as educators. That dedication is in no way substituted, even with the choice of an elite school.

An important part of school failure is related to the lack of support from parents or older siblings.

Children learn best when they know they are followed in their homework, or heard by their parents telling a story. The human society will be more supportive and less violent if parents spend more time with their children.

Agustín Pérez, Independent Forum of Opinion