Family Matters: Children waiting for loving family

Julia Armstrong Web Pic
Julia Armstrong Web Pic
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Here are profiles of some of the children awaiting adoption.

Mandy - Four-year-old Mandy has a massive personality and a cheeky smile to match.

She enjoys jigsaws, baking, role playing and dressing up. She’s also a big Snow White fan and her favourite films are The Smurfs, Disney films and The Wizard of Oz.

Mandy was placed into care a year ago after suffering from neglect. She was often left to take care of her two younger siblings. She was also exposed to drug and alcohol misuse and domestic violence. Consequently Mandy’s behaviour can be challenging and she needs a lot of love and cuddles.

Despite suffering so much upheaval, Mandy has made good progress and has settled in well at school.

Jenna - Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jenna has an engaging smile and personality. Four-year-old Jenna has had a difficult start to life. Born at 27 weeks with under-developed lungs, she spent time in intensive care until she was three months old and now uses an inhaler to aid breathing.

She can be shy but when she gets to know you can be excitable and loud. Since being placed in foster care 12 months ago after suffering from neglect and following concerns over her care needs, she has responded well to settled routines and boundaries. She has also formed close friendships at nursery.

Initially Jenna received support from speech and language therapists and has now been discharged. She has a condition torticollis (tilted neck), which will not require surgery, but she will need continued exercises. Jenna has made progress in all aspects of her development and due to her sheer resilience has been able to meet all of her milestones.

She enjoys playing with dolls, looking at books, being read to and completing jigsaws, as well as drawing and painting.

James - James is described by his carer as a “happy-go-lucky child, with a cheeky side and a great sense of fun”.

Soon to be celebrating his fourth birthday, James loves nothing better than to play with his favourite toy trucks. Although happy to entertain himself, he is equally content to play with grown-ups. James also has a fondness for the outdoors and never misses an opportunity to potter around the garden and feed the neighbour’s chickens.

He is cautious when he meets new people but will happily be left at nursery and with people he is familiar with. James has formed a firm bond with his foster carer, who he was placed with at just two weeks old due to ongoing concerns about neglect, and he has since gone on to meet all expected milestones.

Although James has the sickle cell trait, this does not cause him any health problems.