Family appeal for information after Sheffield dad left for dead in a hit and run

Craig Wilkin was injured in a hit and run on Thursday
Craig Wilkin was injured in a hit and run on Thursday
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A motorcyclist was left for dead in the middle of a road after he was injured in a hit and run in Sheffield.

The family of Craig Wilkin, of Intake, are appealing for information after the father-of-two was hurt on Thursday afternoon on his way home from work.

The motorbike after the accident

The motorbike after the accident

The 41-year-old was travelling up City Road, on the Manor, when he was hit by a car as it turned to go up Dover Court Road.

Craig hit his head twice after colliding with the car, which didn't stop and drove off towards Warley Road.

Craig's wife, Katie, said: "The driver had his elbow on the window frame and his phone in his hand.

"Craig remembers hitting the front passenger side near the wheel arch

Part of the motorbike after the accident

Part of the motorbike after the accident

"He saw driver drive off, going up Dover Court Road and then quickly turning onto Warley Road, from there we are not sure where he went.

"Craig was left in the road with bike on the floor, a car stopped and two people helped and one person came from the nearby bus stop.

"Someone got Craig to the side of the road and the two people moved his bike onto the path. One of them phoned an ambulance then they left.

"The paramedic arrived and he phoned the police.

"Thankfully Craig suffered only minor injuries, cuts, bruises, scrapes, and a banged knee.

"He had a good helmet on as he remembers hitting his head twice, one side of his head was numb, and still feels numb."

Katie is appealing for anyone with information to contact South Yorkshire Police.

The couple have been back to the area to see if residents saw anything or captured the car on their CCTV.

"We are angry the driver has just drove off, he could have left Craig for dead," said Katie.

"I can't stand the thought of him walking around 'scott free' whilst we are left to pick up the pieces.

"We are obviously so thankful Craig suffered only minor injuries, but it could have been so much worse, he has been really lucky.

"The drivers car will have suffered quite a bit of damage, surely somebody knows something, the person he was on the phone to will have heard something happen.

"Also that car has gone somewhere - it's sat on a drive or in someones garage."

She added: "I have put an appeal on Facebook myself, I have had a couple of people get in touch to say they thought the vehicle was dark blue/black, an estate, possibly a Vauxhall or a Ford."

Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101.