Families held in contempt

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The Government would have us all believe that public sector pensions in Britain are unaffordable.

However, looking at the pension provision of other countries it is ridiculous to assert that UK pensions are unaffordable.

In Germany, the earnings-related state pension is worth 70 per cent of average earnings. In the US social security provides approximately 40 pc of previous earnings for a 40-year working life.

France spends 12pc of its GDP on pensions and Germany over 10pc, whilst the UK spends only 6pc.

Furthermore, whilst the cost of paying public sector pensions in 2009/10 in the UK was just under £4 billion the cost of providing tax relief to the 1pc who earn more than £150,000 is nearly £10 billion.

It is clear then that there is money for pensions, but only for the Government’s rich friends.

In cynically spinning these pension myths, the Government exposes the contempt it holds for working families.

Ken Toulson, Carnaby Road, Sheffield 6