Fake news?

raleigh wisp moped
raleigh wisp moped
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A news item stated that a moped rider fired a shot.

I haven’t seen a moped since the 1960s. Perhaps it’s a scooter with no gears. Fake news?

Raleigh wisp moped in pic.

Phil Parker

Millhouse Green

Time to vote them out

Following on from my letter last week, I’ve been amazed at the number of people who want to know more about the people we’re electing to council.

We were talking in the shop the other day about council tax rises, business rates and the fact the council don’t even tell us what the money is being spent on.

I’m guessing our councillors have an overview of how much money is being spent in each ward and on what services.

My colleague Jane went on the council’s website to see if we could find any of this information and couldn’t find anything.

The website seems to be another example of where the council lacks the skills to design a decent website suitable for the general public.

As the manager of a small business, I have to provide the owners with a breakdown of what I’m spending on staffing, premises, products, insurance, training, etc.

With all the resources that the council has, it’s got to be time for them to give us a more detailed break down of how our money is being spent?

If they’re not prepared to (along with copies of their cv’s), then surely it’s time to vote them out in May.

Anne Fletcher

by email

Goodbyes can be good buys

Easter is a time when many people have a spring clean and hire skips, or have a clear out.

As someone who sees a lot of really good items in skips, they could benefit worthwhile charities if people were a bit more thoughtful.

Please may I urge that items aren’t carelessly tossed in skips or bins; they get dirty and are then useless.

Your goodbyes can be good buys!

There’s also the Freecycle website to give things away https://www.freecycle.org/ which means you don’t even have to leave the house to dispose of something.

Jude Warrender


Graham’s EU vote?

I’ll not waste much time today as Graham (Letters, March 31), repeats and tells us all he distinctly remembers having a vote re the EU.

Tell us when and who did you distinctly vote for Graham? Have a nice day.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Volunteers needed

Following our appeal in the Sheffield Star at the end of last year, we received enough donations to continue our work with small wild animals over the winter season.

However, because we have no volunteers with time to organise and implement fund raising activities, we have no form of regular income. Would any one be interested in helping us?

If we cannot get any help we will have to turn away animals that require care and close the rescue centre when the numerous hedgehogs are ready for release at the end of April.

Please help.

Sylvia Jackson


We’re better staying in

In his most recent letter about Brexit (The Star, March 27), Terry Palmer talks about people over and under 40. By my reckoning all of the over 40’s and many of the under 40’s will have lived through Mrs Thatcher’s attacks on the miners.

It was the EU that pumped in money to try to bring new jobs to the area. If we leave the EU does Terry really think that Theresa May is going to make up for all the regeneration money that we won’t be getting in South Yorkshire any longer?

We’d do far better staying ‘In’.

N Schofield

Shirecliffe, Sheffield

Don’t put the blame on EU

I would like to congratulate Veronica Hardstaff for her very eloquent summing up, especially the bit about the “myth” of non-elected bureaucrats who supposedly rule us.

Let us hope that this one of many “right wing media instigated” mis-conceptions regarding the EU can be put to bed in a lot of people’s minds. It is people like Farage who are the real culprits, such as the fact that he has only attended one of his forty odd “fisheries committee”meetings the whole time he has been an MEP. Taking your money and doing nothing.

Unlikely though in the case of Mr Palmer who will come up with his usual (non provable) figures and statistics about one thing or another.

B Heaton


Shoe repairs

To HJ Greaves who’s had a letter printed headed ‘Don’t slip on steel tips’, regarding my letter.

Hi there, Mr Greaves, I think I got hold of the wrong end of the stick when I read your first letter. In it you mentioned High Street and I took it to mean High Street in Sheffield and the only shoe repair shop there is Peters and that’s why I said you must have got it wrong. My shoes, like yours, had new heels plus my steel tips at a cost of of just over £10 if my memory is correct. I too buy good quality shoes. My last pair cost around £200 BUT these will last me well into my next life.

So I’m sorry for the mistake on my part and if you ever have to get your shoes repaired again, do not go back to Timpsons , go to Peters in High Street and be like Felix the Cat and just keep on walking.

Vin Malone

by email

* Shoe repairs on the High Street. Timpsons, chain of locksmiths, also offering other services including engraving and shoe repairs. Address: 36 High St, Sheffield, S1 2GE.