Fake childbirth - it’s got to be the mother of all scams

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It had to be the most bizarre story of the week. One that made every mother out there still shuddering at the memory of the agony of childbirth, scoff in incredulity.

A British woman has claimed she ‘fell under the spell’ of Nigerian fraudsters and believed she had got pregnant and given birth. She went to Nigeria for herbal treatment that made her stomach swell, then returned nine months later to pay £4,500 and go through ‘labour’.

All I can say is she must never have seen a single episode of One Born Every Minute - or Call the Midwife. Or had a scan.

Fact is, she and her husband brought home another woman’s baby. DNA tests proved it after social had them arrested on suspicion of being in on the fraud. But a High Court judge has cleared them, believing their desperation to become parents had led to them being been duped.

This possibly paves the way for the child, an innocent party to all of this now living in care, to be returned to them. But what about the poor mother who likely had her newborn baby forcibly taken from her?

If only the couple had Googled “women tricked into thinking they had given birth”. They would have found the Internet littered with true stories exactly like theirs. Nigeria is the mother country when it comes to money-making cons.