FAIR POINT: World Cup: Dairy Milk Vs Milky Bar...?

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WHAT a great week it’s been for football in the Steel City!

With the Owls’ promotion and the Blades off to Wembley, I’ve been witness to many a-celebration and the feeling of camaraderie has been fantastic.

In fact...I’m a little jealous of it.

It started me thinking that I wish there was something in my life I could feel that kind of ‘team’ passion for. Something that could link me, in the way sport does, to so many other people.

The problem is I really don’t like football. I think it’s pointless and boring and the same goes for basketball, rugby and every other team sport we’ve got. I was the kid in school who always had a note for PE; more than happy to sit and play hangman while everyone else was outside getting rapped on the ankle by a hockey stick.

I didn’t care for the uniforms, especially the coloured bibs that were – judging by the smell – almost certaily never washed and there are only so many times a girl can be picked last before she starts to develop a complex. I also think there’s something a little barbaric about sending 11-year-olds out to do laps in minus-degree weather whilst wearing velcro’d-on skirts and cycling shorts.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve never longed to feel that team spirit that Sheffield has been all about recently.

Hmmm... I’m a big fan of chocolate – would that work?

I could implement regular ‘chocolate meetings’ where I get together with other fans from around the city, donning our stripy chocolate brown kit and talking about Cadbury’s latest signing and Galaxy’s recent gameplay?

There’d be chants and songs, maybe even a stadium of our own where we could get together and hold ‘chocolate matches,’ to see which team can eat the most chocolate in two 45-minute halves?

And the sense of utter pride I’d feel if I passed a fellow chocolate supporter in the street, exchanging a knowing smile and a wink.

Come on yoooooou cho-ocs!