FAIR POINT: What does MP Nadine Dorries think she’s doing?

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What does MP Nadine Dorries think she’s doing?

It’s barmy. It’s baffling. It’s just plain bizarre.

Even more so than the ridiculous reality TV show she’s thrown up a career for.

Ms Dorries has been suspended by the Tory Party and been accused – by fellow Tory female MPs, no less – not only of undermining her position, but of undermining the role of women in politics. Their attitude is: she’s not a celebrity, she’s an MP - get her out of there.

The public doesn’t care about all that; what bugs us is that fact that while she’s On I’m A Celebrity, Get ME Out Of Here, she’s bunking off on works’ time. It’s like one of us throwing a week’s sickie and going off to Spain; simply not on.

All the Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire had to do if she REALLY wanted to go was tell the Tory Party of her intentions to join the Z-list cast of a cheesy ITV series (might have been different if it had been the BBC), wait until she got the sack, THEN swan off to sign the contract and join the ranks of ex MPS all too willing to turn themselves into laughing stocks on telly, prostituted by the lure of a fat appearance fee and getting the name in the news for a few more weeks.

If that’s what floats a former MP’s pension, it’s up to them. But there is no excuse for bunking off to appear in a TV show while you should be working – and representing the people of your constituency. Though Ms Dorries is trying to give one; she says she hopes to use her time on national TV to raise awareness of issues like lowering the abortion limit to 20 weeks. in front of audiences of 16 million.

Hysterical. Like that’s actually going to be a hot topic round the jungle campfire. Maybe she will introduce it as an ardour dampener to randy contestants trying to get off with each other.

And why did she have to go all the way to Australia to do that? All she needed to do was go on This Morning with Bill and Susanna. She could easily have conned some air time. All you have to do since the BBC studio upped and moved to Manchester is tell them you’ve got a book coming out.

The fact that she didn’t ask permission says it all, really. She knew damned well the answer would be a flat no, so like a wayward teenager, she packed her bags and snuck out the back door.

It’s pretty obvious she’s doing it because she wants to be famous. Either as Dorries The Explorer or da rebel in da House. Which does make you wonder if that was why she became an MP in the first place. Was it more about her voice being heard than that of the people who elected her?

She should do well though; she’s used to snakes.