FAIR POINT: We are super women

Bridge Street, Worksop'Worksop Guardian Help For Heroes campaign.'Picture: Guardian Girl Superwoman, Lisa Williams.'w100805-3g
Bridge Street, Worksop'Worksop Guardian Help For Heroes campaign.'Picture: Guardian Girl Superwoman, Lisa Williams.'w100805-3g
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Breadwinners but still the bread-makers, that’s us.

While millions of UK women have been demanding full-time jobs that contribute hugely to their family’s income, they are still doing nearly all the cooking, cleaning and household budgeting.

Asda’s ongoing survey of its female customers, the Mumdex report, reveals today that the days when a man was expected to be the family breadwinner are gone forever. Some 9 out of 10 Asda mums contribute to the household income and a quarter are earning over half of it. There have been great strides towards financial and workplace equality.

But at home we’re still the skivvies. Cooking and cleaning? Some 70 per cent feel it’s their responsibility. Washing and ironing is the chore of eight out of ten.

We’re Domestic Goddess meets Yummy Mummy until the clock strikes 8.30am, when it’s time to slip into Superwoman Lycra with a smart Marks suit over the top and hurtle off to be Career Woman.

Some time after the clock has chimed five, we go into reverse procedure, then fall into bed exhausted from doing it all. And, say Asda, it’s making millions of us feel massively under pressure.

Who is to blame? I don’t believe it’s men. Only some are idle bums. I think it’s us. We’re our own worst enemies.

Come on; be honest; do you actually think your husband’s Spag Bog is as good as yours?

Do you find yourself nipping into the kitchen to taste his cooking and add a dash of this or that?

Do you complain that he took twice as long as you’d have done and has used every pot in the kitchen?

When he’s pressing a shirt, do you snatch the iron from him and, in a trice, get the crease on the cuffs just so?

Do you think that no one can do the supermarket shop quite like you can - in record time, with everything on the list, ingredients for a week’s worth of dinners and the pick of the reduced counter assembled into all the right carrier bags just as the checkout girl’s till tots up the tally?

Tell the truth, now.

It’s still ingrained in us to be caring, nurturing matriarchs. But we are also turning into control freaks.

It’s not our fault. We strive for perfection and order at work; we can’t stand disorganisation at home. We do everything in double-quick time, all the time; watching someone else do a task more slowly than you could is so irritating, your blood boils.

Our motto is still the old one: If you want something doing right, do it yourself.

Asda mums want better for their daughters, but the only answer I can see is to tell them to earn enough to pay for a female hired help.