FAIR POINT: Tiny victims of vanity

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Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has been given a telling off.

She’s dyed her pet dog bright pink. The dinky pooch now looks more bichon fraise than bichon frise.

Animal lovers are angry, prompting telly vet Emma Milne (who?) to fume: “Dogs are not playthings. They are not dolls.”

True enough, though assuming the dye wasn’t harmful, I can’t get hot under the collar about it. Now mothers who primp up their real-life baby-dolls with pierced ears, why doesn’t someone start jabbing a finger at them?

To boost their own ego, they subject their infants to a stud gun and the risk of a nasty infection.

These mothers reckon their poppets look prettier with sparkly ear studs. Wrong. They just look like tiny victims of parental vanity.