FAIR POINT: Stub out the charity cig

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It’s not April 1 for months.

And surely it’s got to be a joke that a British fashion designer is launching his own brand of cigarettes - as an anti-smoking statement?

Menswear brand Archer Adams, who have their flagship store in Marylebone, are supposedly launching in May what is being billed as the first cigarettes designed to fight cancer.

All profits will be given to the British Lung Foundation, trumpets the press release. It adds that good old Archer is doing it because his great aunt died from cigarette smoking.

OK, if true he’s beating smokers with their own stick. But it’s all smoke and mirrors.

In financial terms he may not be earning a penny from a packet, but think of the publicity he’s raking in.

Surely a fashion designer would have been more gainfully employed in making cigarettes UNfashionable?