Fair Point: Snoop doggedly, for their own good

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Parents are being urged to snoop on their kids’ emails, Facebook pages and phone texts in the name of safety.

And, predictably, the kids are united in revolt.

Ignore them. Forget worrying about inciting the wrath of our precocious offspring and take back the control we should never have given up.

It’s for their own good.

When we gave them mobile phones, laptops and wifi passwords we handed over too much power and freedom in an uncharted new world.

We physically enabled them to communicate with God knows who and if made them think they were grown up enough to make judgements on what could harm them and what couldn’t.

I totally agree the government’s new childhood guru Claire Perry; it is bizarre that parents feel it’s wrong to encroach on their kids’ Internet and mobile exchanges.

It’s not like reading their diaries; those daily entries are meant for no one else. We’re talking about unsupervised communication they have with people we may not know, like or trust.

If your child was hanging around street corners with someone you thought was a bad influence or a menace, you’d swiftly put a stop to it. Just like your parents did.

You need to ensure the friends they hang out with via the Internet or their mobiles are the right sort, too.

And remember this; it’s highly likely you’re paying for that phone - and every explicit sext they might be sending.