FAIR POINT: She’s looking Jerry good for her age

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Lordy, y’all, how GREAT does Jerry Hall look in all the Strictly publicity?

The lofty Texan, up against an Olympiad and a West End actress in the upcoming series, is already fretting about her dancing chances.

Well she needn’t worry about competition in the looks department. Still as slender, leggy and lithe as her supermodel heyday, at 56 her face is the perfect advert for ageing with grace - but without fillers and Botox. Plus Hall’s long, golden mane makes a total mockery of the adage that the older a woman gets, the shorter her hair should go.

Me and my mate were riddled with Jerry jealousy in our teens; that mermaid on the Sirens album had lured Bryan Ferry. We’d dance po-faced, red-lipped and wiggle-hipped at the Adam & Eve in pale imitation of the Roxy Girl’s cool.

How ironic that we could soon be trying to emulate Jerry’s moves all over again. Actually I’m tipping her to go a long way. Even if she forgets the steps, all she has to do is revert to that sassy, confident, catwalk swagger and she’ll get away with murder on the dancefloor.

I can see her now, sashaying her way out of a tangle in the tango. Though I’m having trouble picturing a scene well away from the Strictly stage.

Of an utterly bemused Mick Jagger, pondering how the hell his life came to this as he settles down on the sofa, slippers on feet, tea on knee, to watch the mother of his children strut her stuff for the whole of suburbia.

Jagger getting hooked on Strictly; it just seems so very, very wrong...