FAIR POINT: Pillow-talk not included

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How sad does a woman have to be to buy this?

The Boyfriend Pillow is designed for lonely women to snuggle up to in bed.

It’s taken the US by storm; scores of Sleepless in Seattle types have bought their dream guy substitute.

“Soft yet hard-wearing, the Boyfriend Pillow can be used as a prop-up, a neck-roll or to wrap around the body simulating a lover’s embrace,” say the American inventors now intent on selling it here. “Experience a blissful night’s rest – without the snoring, tossing or turning,”

For added realism, it comes with a removable, one-sleeved shirt. You can wash and iron it for him; make yourself a domestic drudge. Bliss.

It’s not a joke. Though the price is; a princely £35.99. For that I’d want an arm AND a leg.

For £40 you could have the real deal. All you’d have to do is buy a nice, cuddly bloke 10 pints and a Vindaloo, wait for him to nod off on your sofa, then snuggle up.

Course, you may have to put up with a bit of burping and so-forth.

But you can’t beat a bit of realism.