Fair Point: No nightie for classy Keira

Keira Knightley.
Keira Knightley.
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Young English actress brides – so classy, so down to earth. So very un-WAGy in every way.

You may not remember the groom, but Kate Winslet’s first marriage sticks in the mind for its sweet simplicity; local church, then bangers and mash down the pub. Keira Knightley followed suit when she wed her rock star James Righton in a French town hall last week. Just 11 guests, some in flip flops, no vintage limo but a Renault Clio, and with no fake tan, boobs, eyelashes or extensions, Keira looked as fresh and natural as the daisy chain in her hair.

When it came to her wedding dress, Knightley turned not to the slinky nightie look or some lavish gypsy wedding affair, but to a LWD she’d worn before – in 2008. Respect.

Particularly for being able to get into a frock five years old.