Fair Point: New boob job risk revealed - but will women listen?

Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Beckham.
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It’s just over a year since we discovered 47,000 UK women had been having potentially leaky bags of unauthorised, mattress-grade silicon shoved into their breasts in the name of beauty.

But even after the PIP scandal, are you still thinking of having a boob job to make you look... I dunno, sexier, more womanly, like a pornette?

Here are 38 reasons not to.

The latest shock stat on boob jobs is this: women with implants could have a 38 per cent greater chance of dying from breast cancer.

Implants make it more difficult for scans to spot the disease in its early stages, researchers say. Some 26 per cent are at increased risk of late diagnosis.

The problem is that the material in the implants is radio-opaque and prevents mammogram scans from being able to see all of the breast’s tissue. As a result, detection of the earliest stages of breast cancer - by far the most treatable - are more difficult.

It makes sense, but this report is still one of mights and maybes - just enough doubt for women hellbent on having bigger breasts to throw caution and 34A bra to the winds and carry on with their plans.

It’s going to take a lot to change attitudes - for us to stop seeing smaller breasts as inadequate and mammoth-sized, man-made mammaries as desirable. More than 10,000 breast implant ops were performed in 2011 and two years on, it’s still Britain’s No.1 cosmetic procedure.

But maybe the big boob brigade who refuse to listen to new safety warnings will heed the style police instead. The tide IS turning against the saucy postcard boob. Look at Victoria Beckham. She’s outed her orbs, looks loads classier for it and is now taken seriously as a fashion designer.

This could be a major new trend she’s setting.