Fair Point: Love rats pay dear

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Beware that extravagant gift from the hubby today...

Cheating husbands will be splashing out up to £100 on their wives for Valentine’s Day.

It’s far more than most loyal husbands feel the need to spend. Clearly, guilt is spurring their generosity.

Handing the woman whose trust you are so selfishly abusing a soppy card, a bunch of petrol station flowers and a box of Ferrero Rochers clearly makes a love-rat feel even more rotten. Which at least implies some sort of conscience.

Though don’t be totally fooled... Ashley Madison, the tacky dating website for married people, says two-timers spend even more money on their mistresses - up to £300.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Other Woman who gets the diamonds (because she needs keeping sweet) and the lingerie (because it’s sex he’s there for).

Having this cake and eating it clearly costs a cheater dear. My heart bleeds. Not.

By the way, if he ‘had to work late’ or got called away on business yesterday, get very suspicious, lady. February 13 is when 71.2 per cent of cheating men see their mistress.