FAIR POINT: Lay off lone mums

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So often portrayed as scroungers popping out sprogs just so they can get council houses and enough benefits to keep them in fags and Matalan leggings, manless mothers have been an easy target for way too long.

The blame for a generation of hopeless, jobless, deadbeat teenagers who think a Samsung Galaxy S3 is their God-given right has been laid at their doors for too long.

At the risk of sounding all Daily Mail, I admit there will be some who ARE the epitome of the scummy mummy, women whose parenting skills are nothing short of appalling.

But more are not.

More single mothers are victims of circumstance. Either their own upbringing was so lacking they hadn’t the confidence to believe they’d be good at anything other than having babies, or they got left holding the kids and a fistful of unpaid bills when their men decided to do a runner from responsibility.

Others, like me, became single mothers because their relationships just didn’t work out, have never received a penny in benefits in their lives and have thrown themselves, heart and soul, into raising great kids who are confident, happy, have a social conscience and the belief that they can do anything if they try.

I get so sick of seeing young women I was once in the shoes of being pilloried as the source of society’s problems. So how refreshing to hear two of the music world’s most successful young women say out-loud they owe everything to their single mothers.

The divine and soulful young songbirds Adele and Paloma Faith have stood up and applauded the strong, caring women who raised them solo.

Adele arrived when her mother was just 18; her dad had gone by the time she was four. Paloma’s parents split when she was two.

It’s obvious what a brilliant job their mothers did; they raised girls who believed they could reach for the stars.

Their mothers are still Paloma and Adele’s closest allies. As their worlds turn ever crazier these two beautiful, confident and determined women - both such credits to their mothers - still have their feet on the ground.

And that’s also down to their mums, who are not only their confidants and chief supporters but their greatest levellers. That surely is no mean feat when your daughters are surrounded by sycophants promising the earth.

Says Paloma, who nursed her mum through breast cancer five years ago: Me and Adele are the only children of single mums. We’ve been brought up under their watchful eye.

“They go: ‘Actually, you look weird in that.’ Or ‘you’re driving yourself into the ground...”

Single mothers form an incredibly strong bond with their children. I can proudly say I have one with my son - and it makes all the hard times so worthwhile.

To any mum struggling on, I’d say keep doing your best. The love you give over and over, the time you spend together and the sacrifices they see you make on their behalf will not be forgotten. Your child may not grow up to be famous, but they will stay close to you for life.