FAIR POINT: Just a wee wedding day hitch for Jess

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There’s always someone you have to invite.

An unwritten wedding rule insists you ask some old auntie you last saw in 1995 who is probably only going to give you a set of coasters, anyway.

Planning your wedding and in the midst of a Guest List Situation? Spare a thought for Olympian Jess Ennis.

She’s putting up with the mandatory presence of an unwelcome guest at her wedding next year.

On the day she gets to switch tracksuit for frothy white gown and sprint down the aisle to long-jump into matrimony, an athletics drugs tester will hand her a little bottle and tell her to pee into it.

She will also have to give a blood sample. And the testing will carry on during her honeymoon. Tests are mandatory every day of her sporting life.

Will she turn into Bridezilla? Throw a wedding wobbler?

Course not. She’s no dope. Talking about the hour a day athletes must be available for drugs testing to Phil Williams on BBC Radio 5 live, she backed British sport’s stringent laws, called for them to be standard across the world to stamp out cheating and revealed: Normally 6-7am is a good time for them to call because I’m in bed. You come down, half asleep. Your hair’s everywhere and you’re in your pyjamas...”

At the prospect of seeing Jess in her PJs, millions of male fans will be sending WADA their CVs.