FAIR POINT: Just a slap on the wrist

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A GRIMESTHORPE woman who was battered, kicked and choked watched her vicious attacker walk from court this week.

The man had hit her so hard with a wooden chopping board it broke over her body. Yet all he got was a 12-month suspended sentence and 220 hours of community service. Incidentally, he knows exactly where she lives should he decides to launch a revenge attack on her. Because he’s her husband.

Qaiser Mahmood, aged 27, beat up his wife Sonia in a rage because she hadn’t got his evening meal ready on the first day of Ramadan.

One reason he got off so lightly was because the case had taken 13 months to get to court. Would it have been dealt with faster if this woman had been attacked by a stranger, then?

What a shocking message of affirmation this case sends out to men who beat their wives - and the women who think the law cannot help them.