Fair Point: Gunning for his rights

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No longer content at being released from jail pending trial for shooting his girlfriend dead, Oscar Pistorius is now plugging away at his bail conditions instead of bathroom doors.

It’s not fair, he whines. Why should he be told he can’t drink alcohol? Why can’t he go abroad? (On holiday, surely? What sporting event or sponsor wants him showing up on their doorsteps?)

And, last but not least, he asks, why can’t he go back home? Once the forensics teams have finished raking through the place where he gunned defenceless Reeva Steenkamp to death, obviously. He wouldn’t want to get in the way or anything.

How anyone can contemplate living in the place where such tragedy unfolded is beyond me.

Innocent or guilty, remorse for firing that gun and taking a life ought to be making this man accept any conditions imposed on him as his lot in life right now.

Pistorius, shut up and put up for pity’s sake. And remember Reeva Steenkamp can never go home.